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Our journey begins on a long weekend after a long night with a long walk to a highly rated coffee shop…


Jackson had his first cold drip in a New Orleans coffee shop in February 2019, inspiring his journey to obtain a decent cold drip device for the home. After giving up on four different cold drip makers, he’s teamed up with Olivia - friend, classmate at Harvard Business School, and super engineer - to bring this cold brewing style to the masses. After two years of working on a device and brewing hundreds and hundreds of batches, we switched gears. Upon becoming a parent, Jackson handed over the reigns to Olivia and stays involved as an advisor. Using our patent pending cold drip coffee device, we started selling almost ready to drink coffee. 

And now that we’ve built it, we’re so excited for you to try it. For real.

Email us to say hi. Or if you are feeling shy, get to know us via our blog.



A woman, wearing a denim shirt and standing in front of a wall of leaves

CEO and Founder

In no particular order, a few things about Olivia, our CEO: she brews more coffee than some coffee shops. she listens to 1.5 audio books per week, on average from her local library (recommendations welcome!). she loves to bake pies. she is an avid intersectional feminist.



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Head of Coffee

Bella works as our coffee industry know-it-all & devil's advocate. When she isn't obsessing over coffee you'll find her digging around in her garden, teaching friends about vermicomposting, and dropping some serious plant puns. She's kind of a big dill.



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Marketing & Public Relations

Her free time usually includes Animal Crossing, Ru Paul's Drag Race and finding the best cocktails in the city.



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Engineering & Operations 



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Founding member, current advisor