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When we say sustainability...

Just for the record, we also think sustainability is a buzz word.

We have spent a long time thinking about how to bring of the pillars of our charter: "We are good people who care about the planet and the people on it" into our product and brand. 

We are a small team - one full time employee, one part time employee and two apprentices - so we don't have the bandwidth to be super sophisticated (...yet!). We choose to take meaningful steps, where we can. A few things we are proud of:

  • Incorporated as a Public Benefits Corporation
  • Partnered with Metric to measure and track key ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) metrics
    • Compost our coffee grounds
    • Upcycle the bags our coffee comes in. You can buy them from us at the Wicker Park Farmers Market
  • Delivered by bicycle.  We are proud to not emit any greenhouse gases with our delivery process. Plus its a great workout!
  • Pay our supply chain partners a living, thriving wage
  • Source organic and fair trade coffee, where we can and otherwise ensure our producer partners use restorative farming practices and are eco-conscious
  • 100% female powered business, 66% certified fair trade and organic coffees, 66% female managed producers. 

Have suggestions for how to make our business better? Email us at!