story of the bean: el tambo ASMUCAFE

these beans tell the story of seven women farmers & landowners in colombia

the beans for our dark roast cold drip hail from the municipality of tambo in cauca colombia. instead of just one farm, these beans come from a variety of smallholder farmers who make up the asociación de mujeres agropecuarias de uribe. this collective of women farmers and landowners have a mission to improve the quality of life in their communities by sharing resources and knowledge.



the farmers: while kavnia transforms this coffee during roasting and cold dripping, the real recognition goes to women producers who grow, pick and process these beans. this lot came from 7 smallholder farms in el ramal 

  • Ana Beiba Orozco Montenegro, from Finca El Arrayan 
  • Rosalba Velasco Bambague, from Finca La Palma 
  • Bialcy Calvache Valencia, from Finca Los Arrayanes 
  • Maria Carmenza Calpa Montenegro, from Finca Ajicito 
  • Deiba Sofia Tulande Morales, from Finca Los Naranjos 
  • Ana Rosa Montero Guerrero, from Finca Los Derrumbos 
  • Yorladis Pino Cruz, from Finca Agua Clara 


woman harvesting coffee fruitimage provided by cafe imports
process: for our dark roast selection wanted to find a coffee that could handle a little more development. we selected this bean specifically because the unique processing method yields some amazing flavors. sweet toffee and cocoa with just a touch of winey-fruit. the producers use a “double” fermentation both in the skin and after de-pulping, and we love the way it tastes with our cold drip process.


roaster: this coffee was roasted for kavnia by kavnia. our head of coffee, bella roasts this light roast in small batches on the south shore of massachusetts. using a zero-emissions roaster & controlling our own packaging has meant we can reduce the carbon foot-print of kavnia cold drip. 

brewer: every single box of Kavnia's coffee is small batch brewed by the founder, olivia in the garfield park neighborhood of chicago, il, usa. 


A image of a woman's head and the words "brewed by Olivia" stamped in black in on a brown cardboard background.
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