story of the bean: sakami in kenya

these beans tell the story of all the hardworking women who make its journey possible. women-produced from bean to cup.

this single origin coffee hails from sakami estate, owned by gloria gummerus (member of the international women’s coffee alliance) and her husband jarmo. it arrives on the east coast of the us where it is roasted by our head of coffee, bella, before transforming into cold drip in chicago.

the farm:  from seed to mill, the producers have found ways to incorporate sustainable farming practices into everything they do. irrigation and fertilizing are done using resources and by-products that are created right on the farm. coffee pollination is done by wild african bees, and indigenous trees are left untouched in this “agroforest”.

plants are fertilized mainly by manure from the farm’s livestock plus worm tea from their nursery’s worm farm. worms are fed de-pulped coffee cherries from the wet milling process to keep the nutrient cycle as closed as possible. the wet mill is powered with solar (as is the farm’s drip irrigation system), and the water from the washing & de-pulping process is treated with lime, then used to water the grasslands where livestock graze.


women harvesting sakami coffee from their estate in western kenya


roaster: this coffee was roasted for kavnia by kavnia. our head of coffee, bella roasts this light roast in small batches on the south shore of massachusetts. using a zero-emissions roaster & controlling our own packaging has meant we can reduce the carbon foot-print of kavnia cold drip. 

brewer: every single box of Kavnia's coffee is small batch brewed by the founder, olivia in the garfield park neighborhood of chicago, il, usa. 


A image of a woman's head and the words "brewed by Olivia" stamped in black in on a brown cardboard background.
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