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what is cold drip coffee?

cold drip coffee is a cold brewing style that slowly drips water over coffee grounds, extracting different flavors from the beans and usually producing a coffee concentrate. check out our detailed explanation in the cold drip primer

how do i prepare the coffee?

that is 100% up to you, and one of the reasons we love coffee concentrate -- the flexibility.  most people prepare it with 1 part Kavnia cold drip concentrate : 1 part ice : 1 part water. some folks like to prepare a latte and swap out the water for a milk; oat milk is particularly popular. if you are feeling bold, you can drink it neat or on the rocks. 

what else can i do with the coffee?

drizzle it over ice cream for an affogato. add it to a ganache. make a cocktail. the possibilities are endless.

what is this magic? how do you make Kavnia coffee?

shhhhh... it's a secret! we have a pending patent for our brewer, but we innovated on a centuries old brewing style (also called Kyoto style, slow drip or Oji). we craft each batch, so you get the flavors of freshly roasted, specialty coffee. 

how many servings are in a box of Kavnia?

our fifteen servings box makes fifteen 12oz. servings, after you add ice + water/milk. 

women powered vs empowering women?

we are proud to be powered by women. we choose to work with majority women owned and operated companies, whenever we can. as of march 2021, 100% of our employees and contractors are women; 50% of our roasters are owned by women and 66% of our coffee is produced by women. we believe that women already are empowered and are happy to showcase their excellence. 

why woman vs. female or woman-identifying?

here at Kavnia we believe that language matters. ‘female’ is a binary biological term that reduces a woman to her reproductive capabilities (and that's just not what is up, at all). woman is referring to a whole human person (i know, we can't believe we have to make this explicit either), the focus is on gender and less on sex assigned at birth. “woman-identifying” has been widely used to refer to one’s gender identity, however the modifier “-identifying” can suggest there is a difference between a “real” woman and a “woman-identifying” person when there isn't. words should be used responsibly and accurately. we highly recommend the read linked below to folks looking to expand their understanding of gender identity and inclusive language surrounding it.

Stop using "Female" When You Mean "Woman"

why is the cold brew packaged in a bag in a box?

first and foremost, it keeps the coffee fresher for longer. the reason? there is no oxygen in the bag. while we usually think of oxygen as a good thing, but the process of oxidation degrades the quality of coffee. manufacturers can remove the oxygen when they put cold brew in a can or a bottle, but as soon as the drinker opens it, the oxygen starts its work. the beauty of the bag is that no oxygen ever comes in contact with the coffee. as coffee is dispensed though the spout, the bag shrivels. voila! 

the other reason is less packaging. by packaging in bulk, we eliminate single use containers, such as cans and bottles. the cardboard box is recyclable / compostable and we are working on ways to make the bag more sustainable as well! 

how strong is Kavnia coffee concentrate?

the short answer? 2x-3x stronger than traditional cold brew. if you want to nerd out, read on. the coffee community measures strength of a brew using a refractometer to measure the total dissolved solids (tds) in brewed coffee. basically, the refractometer measures how light bends (or refracts) as passes through the coffee. the more of the coffee grounds that have been extracted into the brewed coffee, the higher the tds. the average cup of joe clocks in around 1 to 1.5 parts per million (ppm). kavnia is between 3 and 4 ppm.

do i need to refrigerate it?

yep. it keeps it fresh and keeps it cold, so you don't need a ton of ice. 

can i heat it up?

we don't recommend it, but do what makes you happy. we put in a ton of effort to brew it at cooler temperatures and think its the best, most flavorful option for cold brew coffee. 

why is it only available in chicago?

we are a start up based in chicago! while we are growing, we are keeping it local. since the product needs to be refrigerated, we can ensure that the coffee stays cold by delivering it from our fridge to your doorstep!


ok, so this question isn't frequently asked, but we will throw it in, just for fun. 

what is olivia's favorite coffee, other than cold drip?

she's a big fan of chemex pourovers, cloth filtered with freshly light roasted beans. especially if the tasting notes include pit fruits or berries.