Kavnia charter

these are the core elements of who we are as a company

when faced with a difficult decision, we should be able to come back to this document for reference to make sure that we’re behaving in a way that’s aligned with who we are. this should be something that we can communicate to relevant stakeholders (e.g., employees, customers)

we are relentlessly focused on providing coffee lovers the most delicious, sustainable and convenient cold brew coffee. 

  • we brew great products 
      • we want to be proud of what we’re brewing, and won’t ship until we are. 
      • we want a future full of great coffee, so we care about the impact of our brand and company.
      • our products should bring joy to our customers.
    • we follow the science
        • we’re always in beta, constantly improving our existing products.
        • we build products that are based on real data.
        • coffee community (users, researchers, industry) is changing all the time and so are we. we are always looking for a better way to do business.
      • we are good people who care about the planet and the people on it
          • we strive for excellence from everyone in our supply chain, from growers to employees to consumers, and mirror that in the way we conduct our business.
          • diversity is important. of people and of perspectives.
          • we require that our stakeholders have similar beliefs about sustainability and diversity