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story of the bean: la morena in guatemala

these beans tell the story of all the hardworking women who make its journey possible. women-produced from bean to cup.

this single origin coffee hails from the huehuetenango region of guatemala and is grown on the farms of 23 women producers. it arrives on the east coast of the us where it is roasted by our head of coffee, bella, before being transformed into cold drip in chicago. 

a map with a pin in guatemala, and two pins in the usa. one in massachusetts and one in chicago.


producer: the la morena program was established in 2016 with the mission to highlight tracible women-grown coffees while promoting gender equity in the region. there is so much to be said about the importance of this work but the tl;dr is that women producers hold the keys to sustainable coffee. typically companies will tell you a general story about the farmers, but we are pleased give credit to all of them: 

  • floridalma perez lopez, finca ambrocio
  • guillermina villatoro monzon, finca los alisos
  • adilia carmela martinez mendoza, finca zacnicte
  • dalia carlota villatoro herrera, finca los pinos
  • imelda castillo villatoro, finca el zacatonal
  • ana francisca villatoro villatoro, finca la rosa
  • gloria magnolia sales gabriel de jerónimo, finca magnolia
  • blanca elena villatoro san jose de lopez, finca peniel
  • dora marina vásquez ambrosio, finca tuj xboch
  • ermita esteban díaz, finca toj xmayel
  • maria lucinda lopez domingo, finca maria
  • dora marina vásquez ambrosio, finca el edén ii
  • yuris yojana villatoro herrera, finca el rio
  • norma elizabeth hernández lópez, finca ojo de agua
  • maria santos reynoso chun, finca el recuerdo
  • oralia lópez villatoro, finca buenos aires
  • floridalma carrillo cifuentes, finca el matazano
  • sara elizabeth lopez, finca el crucero
  • maria teresa alvarado villatoro, finca txoxel melaj
  • maria carmelina ramos garcia, finca el campo
  • flora ramos garcia, finca el campo
  • julieta aleida herrera laparra, finca julieta
  • mariela villatoro san josé, finca las orquideas

roaster: this coffee was roasted for kavnia by kavnia. our head of coffee, bella roasts this light roast in small batches on the south shore of massachusetts. using a zero-emissions roaster & controlling our own packaging has meant we can reduce the carbon foot-print of kavnia cold drip. 

brewer: every single box of Kavnia's coffee is small batch brewed by the founder, olivia in the garfield park neighborhood of chicago, il, usa. 


A image of a woman's head and the words "brewed by Olivia" stamped in black in on a brown cardboard background.
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