these little beans are plucked, washed, dried, roasted, ground and brewed with care at every step of the journey by an amazing set of people who love coffee. 

a single roasted coffee beanwithout great beans, we wouldn’t have our delicious cold drip coffee, so we take selecting our coffees seriously. not only do they have to taste great, but they have to be grown that way too.

the stories behind the beans matter to us, and should to you too! when sourcing green coffee we look for producers who value the same things we do. farms that use regenerative agriculture practices, or beans grown under the shade of native trees…those are the types of people we want to work with.

kavnia also seeks to buy coffees that close the gender equity gap, so you’ll see lots of women owned farms and co-ops in our lineup. historically, women make up the bulk of the labor in coffee production, so uplifting them is a big part of our brand.

some of our beans are also sourced from roasters here in the united states. we seek out coffee companies who share our values and roast delicious coffee.

follow the story of the beans for each of our coffees: