story of the beans: black and tan

these beans have been around the globe and are proud to be certified fair trade + organic.

these beans have been up and down the americas. they started in either honduras or peru (depending on the season), took a pit stop in milwaukee and chicago, then ended up in your cup.

A map with a pin in northern Peru, western Honduras and two in the Midwest of the USA 

while this brew is a blend, most of the coffee comes from one of the two farms detailed below.

which bean is it? depending on the time of year, the beans either come from honduras or heru. honduras' harvest is november through early march, and the shipments land in the usa. in the early summer months.  peru's harvest, on the other hand, is june to early september, and the shipments start landing right around the new year.

beans from Honduras: these beans are grown, cared for, harvested, washed and processed by café orgánico marcala s.a., or comsa (prepare your spanish or use google translate for this website). this cooperative "promotes the full transformation of people, through the implementation of values ​​such as justice, solidarity, peace and the reconciliation of the human being with the cosmos, mother earth and with [themselves]." additionally, they have  experimental farm, finca biodinámica la fortaleza, which shares its research widely and an international school. 

beans from peru: these beans come from la prosperidad de chirinos. orestes andrianzen delgado runs this sophisticated coffee production operation, which has grown significantly since its founding in 1968 in the province of san ignacio, peru. in addition to producing stellar coffee, they focus on educating the next generation of their community about sustainable coffee production.

roaster: curated and roasted by the team at colectivo coffee roasters in the riverwest neighborhood of milwaukee, wi, usa. their team is top notch and they share our values.

brewer: every single box of Kavnia's coffee is small batch brewed by the founder, olivia in the garfield park neighborhood of chicago, il, usa. 


A image of a woman's head and the words "brewed by Olivia" stamped in black in on a brown cardboard background.
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