battle of the brews

chicago versus st. louis

gearing up for the big games on 9, 10 and 11 july? watch the games the way they are supposed to be enjoyed -- by well caffeinated, adoring fans.

whether you are headed to a certain wrigleyville ballpark or watching from the comfort of your couch, make sure you pick up some cold drip coffee concentrate to start the day (or afternoon) off right. if you are new to coffee concentrate, check out our how-to guide. if only takes 15 seconds and you will be pro in no time. 

just for the week of 6 july to 11 july, Kavnia Coffee Company is offering the battle of the brews, featuring a light roast from coma coffee in st. louis and a medium roast from dark matter coffee in chicago.

you can pick up our taster pack (two small coffees from each city), five servings of medium roast from chicago, five servings of light roast from st. louis, or a bundle of ten servings.

product will be delivered on friday morning, in time for the series!