so you have some extra coffee grounds?


After you prepare your pot of morning coffee or got a shipment with Kavnia's compostable cool packs, you’re left with delicious elixir of life but also… coffee grounds. Most people might toss them right into the trash without another thought, but there is so much more life in those grounds and they can keep enriching your life instead of sitting in the landfill. We’re always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact as a company, and coffee grounds were a great opportunity to explore the ways that coffee can continue to benefit us beyond the cup. 

There are so many options for using old, spent coffee grounds in your own home. Today we’re highlighting a few of our favorites + showing you how we re-purpose our only waste product- coffee grounds! 


a perky houseplant in a tin watering can

Grow Your Green Thumb

Used coffee grounds be a gardener’s best friend. Or house plant parent for those of us in apartments. Composting is a wonderful way to keep some of your kitchen scraps and paper out of the garbage, while creating something that can feed your plants and make them super happy. There are many different kinds of composting methods- some of our favorites are bokashi & vermicomposting- and there’s a method that can work for anyone. When composting coffee grounds, treat it as a “green” material- it will add nitrogen to your compost bin, so balance it out with plenty of “brown” material like shredded paper. 

While composting the grounds first is recommended, you can also add small amounts of them right to the soil of your garden or potted plant as a light fertilizer. Just don’t use too much at once, a thin layer is plenty. You can try sprinkling the ground with coffee grounds to deter slugs, as it works as a mild pesticide too! 

Shower Wake-Up

Coffee grounds can wake up your body in a whole new way when you add it to a body scrub. If you’re the DIY type of person who likes to pamper yourself- this recipe is for you. This scrub is energizing and exfoliating and the caffeine can have a little plumping effect to perk up tired skin. 

1 cup coffee grounds

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup coarse salt

½ cup coconut oil


Our Grounds

Our coffee grounds are what makes Kavnia delicious, but it’s also what helps keep it fresh during shipping. We’re pretty excited about how we’ve treated our used coffee grounds because they have found a greater purpose in a neat way. After we extract the best cold drip on earth, we transform the spent grounds into ice packs. Yup… homemade ice packs. We freeze and seal them in biodegradable film pouches and use this to keep your Kavnia cold while it’s in transit. Once it arrives our customers can thaw and add to their compost or gardening projects, giving the grounds yet another life! 

The way we repurpose our coffee grounds is just one piece of the puzzle. With every step of our production, we’re asking questions and looking for ways to do better. And encouraging our customers to look at coffee differently is part of that! So don’t toss out those grounds, start a compost bin or get your DIY on and make the most out of your coffee. 


a bin of composting items - green beans, coffee grounds and bits of strawberry