milk madness

coffee and milk are the ultimate power couple. sure, you could be a purist and enjoy coffee “black as midnight on a moonless night” (any twin peaks fans out there?), but milk has a special place in our cup. 

by now you know that coffee can taste different depending on which beans you use, roast level, brew method…the list goes on. but the flavor of coffee can absolutely transform when adding a little something extra. milk can add a touch of sweetness to cut through a more bitter brew like espresso. it can also compliment a coffee by adding body and creaminess. body, for all you non-coffee nerds out there, refers to how the coffee feels as you’re drinking it. It can also be referred to as “mouthfeel”. for folks out there who still drink dairy, think of it as the difference between skim milk, whole milk, and cream. 

milk really brings some wonderful things to the table and we take a “no coffee shaming” approach to our business. drink it strong and black, like cooper, or add all the oat milk and caramel to your hearts content. kavnia is made to be customizable so you can make it exactly how you take it

now back to the milk- did you know that the carbon footprint of your cup of coffee can double just by using dairy milk? with this in mind, we set out to find the best non-dairy milk to pair with our cold drip. 

cashew, oat, rice, pistachio…the list goes on. while we love options, it started to get a little intimidating every time we walked down the aisle to make our selection. so after polling our customers we selected 8 contenders for our head to head ultimate throwdown that we like to call milk madness.

we measured mixability, creaminess and most importantly…flavor. here were the results on a 5 point scale. 5 being YUM and 1 being UM:

we started off with oat vs. soy:

soy milk is creamy, has a slight soy taste, but mixes well (3 out of  5) vs. oat is light and compliments cold brew flavor, also creamy ( 4 out of 5)

up next we have macadamia vs. pistachio:

macadamia makes moves, it’s super light, the flavor of the cold brew really sings, but not very creamy (4 out of 5)) vs. pistachio has a very strong flavor, overpowers the cold brew coffee flavor (2 out of 5)

rice vs sesame:

rice: light, mixes in well, not very creamy, not much to say = 3 out of 5

sesame =  2 out of 5


coconut vs almond:

coconut: not great at mixing = 1 out of 5

almond: the little bit of creaminess complements our medium roast really well =  4 out of 5


oat (fan fav)  vs. almond (underdog) –insta poll of our kavnia crew …y’all made it clear, oat milk for the win!

kavnia’s milk of choice = oat milk.

hand holding trophy with a banner that reads "oat milk"