meet our new bestie…the urban canopy

​​meet our new bestie…the urban canopy 

sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for kavnia. it’s built into our brand from how our beans are grown to how our product is consumed. and we know sustainability isn’t just about being “green” or environmental impact. we strive for excellence from everyone in our supply chain from growers to employees to consumers, and mirror the way we conduct our business. 


we buy our beans from women-led farms across the globe because we know that gender equity holds the key to the future of coffee. we roast with zero emissions and use multi-serving packaging to lessen our environmental impact and eliminate single-use plastics. and we work to give back to the land by composting all of our byproducts- chaff from roasting and the spent grounds from our cold drip brewing process. 


the search for a composting partner took us on a journey. we soon realized that composting is so much more than diverting trash from landfills- it helps build community, give back to the land, and connects us even more to our local community.


we are so thrilled to announce our new partnership with the urban canopy, who share our goals and are creating a more sustainable and equitable food system in chicago. our spent grounds (and only by-product) from dripping are picked up weekly as part of their compost club collection service. 


the urban canopy’s compost club is your local team of food-system-obsessed, not-afraid-to-get-our-hands-dirty, always-thinking-about-worms chicagoans. their service collects unwanted food scraps and other compostable materials from apartments, homes, and businesses and transports them to local composting sites to be broken down into nutrient rich compost. they are working to divert waste from landfills, make fertile soil, and support the creation of local jobs needed to create a more sustainable economy. 


the urban canopy also delivers seasonal csa boxes, stocked full of locally grown produce. this local unified csa program (lucsa) allows customers to invest in multiple farms and businesses in the midwest, while stocking pantries with fresh and unique foods that support the local food movement. csa box members now have the option to sip and support a women owned and operated cold drip coffee company- our light and medium roast glass bottles are now available as an “add-on” to all lucsa members! 

and now, a series of gratitudes: thank you, urban canopy for existing. thank YOU, yes you- for choosing kavnia and helping us support cool folks in the chicago community. we wouldn't be here without our kavnia crew! be sure to check out the urban canopy's compost club. it's composting, but for a better tomorrow. happy earth day!