kavnia compared to other popular brands

tldr; kavnia offers an incredible, smooth-tasting cold brew that provides the perfect balance between high-end cold drip concentrates, and ready-to-drink cold brew, while also focusing on gender equity and sustainability in all aspects of the company.

before we get into the details about how our cold brew coffee concentrates compare to other brands that you may have heard about or seen in your local supermarket, check out our recent post on tiktok or instagram where we invited an interested customer to blindly taste kavnia cold brew next to a popular online cold brew brand, and a popular ready to drink, grocery store cold brew.

farmers market taste test instagram post

cold drip is a different experience from traditional cold brew

traditional cold brew that you find in grocery stores and coffee shop chains is made through immersion brewing. this is a cold brewing process where coffee grounds are often immersed in cold water for hours and then drained creating the cold brewed coffee. however, as we describe it, this process is similar to a bathtub. the grounds are often left sitting in the same water for hours, limiting the flavor that can really be extracted throughout the brewing process.

bathtub vs shower coffee brewing

on the other hand, kavnia uses a brewing method called kyoto-style cold drip. rather than a bath of cold brew, imagine a brewing method similar to a shower. instead of the grounds sitting in the same water over long periods of time, cold, fresh water is constantly dripped over the grounds creating fresh cold brew over time. this process allows for more of the unique flavor notes like floral, roasted, and chocolatey notes to really come out in the flavor of the cold brew, letting the quality of the coffee beans shine!

we at kavnia take cold drip one step further

while kyoto-style cold drip tastes amazing, and after all, is what inspired the creation of kavnia, the process takes a very long time, and its traditional methods are inefficient. shown below is an oji dripper, the fancy device used to brew the kyoto-style cold drip in new orleans that kavnia was inspired by.

oji dripper coffee brewing

kavnia utilizes a patent pending innovative method that brews kyoto-style cold drip faster and more efficiently while still providing the smooth, refreshing, and flavorful cold brew that was once only available through complex brewing processes. we are able to provide cold brew lovers with a cold drip concentrate that is versatile and has a perfect balance of taste compared to other cold brews you can find.

as customers discovered in our blind taste test at wicker park farmers market in chicago, kavnia cold brew concentrate is more flavorful than many traditional ready-to-drink cold brews that you can find in the supermarket, while also having a smoother taste than many of the popular high-end coffee concentrate brands that you see online. this is because of our commitment to the details of cold drip brewing, and perfecting cold brew the way we all as coffee lovers intend.

it's not just about the taste of our cold brew


colectivo sumatra origin coffee beans source


  • kavnia is founded by women, powered by women, and sourced by women
  • in all of our operations, from senior leaders, to supply chain, we make sure to focus on gender equity in our team
    • we strive to lessen the gender gap in the coffee industry while maintaining the highest level of value for our consumers
  • uplifting women in the coffee industry


    coffee fruits on a coffee plant

    • we focus on providing the best cold brew possible, while also working closely to support the environment and farms that we source from
    • kavnia only sources from farmers and works with roasters that share our commitment to the well-being of the coffee industry
    • zero emissions roasting, zero waste brewing
    • focus on eliminating single-use plastics

      by drinking kavnia, you are both drinking better, and doing better for the coffee community!

      try some for yourself :)

      kavnia dark roast bag in box cold brew concentrate

      try some kavnia cold brew concentrate today by clicking here to see our products available online. you can purchase our bag-in-box cold drip concentrates which last around a month. if you are in the chicago area, stop by a local farmers market and check us out to get a refreshing ready-to-drink cup of cold drip, and our bottles of concentrate that last approximately a week. we are regularly at the wicker park, lincoln park, and edgebrook farmers markets on the weekends.

      kavnia cold brew concentrate bottles

      thanks for supporting a mission that goes far beyond delicious cold brew 🤩