Into the grind

  • warm up with our winter cold drip recipes

    it’s that time of year…the time when peppermint mocha and eggnog flavors start assaulting us from all directions. holiday coffee drinks give us a warm cozy feeling, but since we make cold drip, we had to do winter beverages our own special way. The Kavnia team has been sipping on these two drinks that highlight some of the classic flavors of the season.
  • cold drip bevs w/ autumn vibes

    for those who want to go beyond basic we present two seasonal drinks that will change the way you think of coffee in autumn. 
  • from kyoto to new orleans: a Kavnia origin story. 

    Kavnia cold drip is steeped (no pun intended) in technology and science. But the origins of our product really start with this work of absolute art...
  • Leap into Spring with 3 Coffee Drinks

    Seasonal coffee drinks are what keeps coffee interesting throughout the year. While fall and winter drinks usually take the spotlight, we’re celebr...
  • tell me more about cold brew coffee

    Cold brew is different. It’s cold. Typically more concentrated. With a less acidic mouthfeel. It tastes a bit sweeter. Ever wonder why that...
  • why measuring coffee by weight matters

    If you go to your favorite hipster, third wave coffee shop, you’re likely to see your barista weighing your shot or your pour over. Weighing the ...
  • what's in a tablespoon: converting volume to weight in ground coffee

    The ground coarseness impacts the coffee weight, which will impact the actual ratio - and flavors - that you’re getting from your recipe. While the difference isn’t massive - only 7% difference from coarse to fine, it’s certainly material depending on how exact you’re trying to control for the flavors. This will be critically important in our research as we go deeper in exploring what effects different variables in the brewing process have on the end product, coffee. 
  • why brewing with cold drip makes a better cold brew

    tldr; How is cold drip better than cold brew? Cold drip extracts the complex flavors from coffee beans that brewing with an immersion device (e.g...