Into the grind

  • kavnia compared to other popular brands

    kavnia offers an incredible, smooth-tasting cold brew that provides the perfect balance between high-end cold drip concentrates, and ready-to-drink cold brew, while also focusing on gender equity and sustainability in all aspects of the company.
  • is cold brew the same as traditional hot coffee, just…cold?

    cold brew is much more than simply coffee, brewed in cold water. almost all aspects of coffee from the flavor notes, acidity, bitterness, versatility, you name it, separates cold brew from hot brew coffee! these differences have made cold brew coffee, and kavnia cold brew concentrate, the next big thing in the beverage world.
  • meet our new bestie…the urban canopy

    ​​meet our new bestie…the urban canopy  sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for kavnia. it’s built into our brand from how our beans are grown t...
  • sustainable grounds

    the way we repurpose our coffee grounds is just one piece of the puzzle. with every step of our production, we’re asking questions and looking for ways to do better. and encouraging our customers to look at coffee differently is part of that! so don’t toss out those grounds, start a compost bin or get your diy on and make the most out of your coffee.
  • milk madness

    coffee and milk are the ultimate power couple. sure, you could be a purist and enjoy coffee “black as midnight on a moonless night” (any twin peak...
  • self care coffee scrub

    we wanted to share a simple upcycle that uses ingredients you most likely already have in your home. coffee grounds can wake up your body in a whole new way when you add it to a body scrub. if you’re the diy type of person who likes to pamper yourself- this recipe is for you. the scrub is energizing and exfoliating and the caffeine can have a little plumping effect to perk up tired skin. 
  • chocolate covered strawberry cold drip

    valentine’s day is loved and hated by many, so we won’t waste your time chatting about bouquets of flowers, fancy dinners or relationship statuses. the part of valentine's day we want to share is love…and chocolate covered strawberries. host a special brunch for your partner, best friends, or even just for yourself! because there’s no greater love than self-love. 
  • warm up with our winter cold drip recipes

    it’s that time of year…the time when peppermint mocha and eggnog flavors start assaulting us from all directions. holiday coffee drinks give us a warm cozy feeling, but since we make cold drip, we had to do winter beverages our own special way. The Kavnia team has been sipping on these two drinks that highlight some of the classic flavors of the season.
  • cold drip bevs w/ autumn vibes

    for those who want to go beyond basic we present two seasonal drinks that will change the way you think of coffee in autumn. 
  • from kyoto to new orleans: a Kavnia origin story. 

    Kavnia cold drip is steeped (no pun intended) in technology and science. But the origins of our product really start with this work of absolute art...
  • Leap into Spring with 3 Coffee Drinks

    Seasonal coffee drinks are what keeps coffee interesting throughout the year. While fall and winter drinks usually take the spotlight, we’re celebr...
  • tell me more about cold brew coffee

    Cold brew is different. It’s cold. Typically more concentrated. With a less acidic mouthfeel. It tastes a bit sweeter. Ever wonder why that...