• cold brew, but better

cold brew, but better

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rich flavor, not bitter, but strong, super satisfying

- jhanelle

Cold brew on another level!

- Susan B

Such premium coffee!

- Huan X

what makes kavnia different?

cold drip coffee is a cold brewing style that slowly drips water over coffee grounds, extracting different flavors from the beans and usually producing a coffee concentrate.

we use premium beans and focus on closing the gender gap in coffee by working with women-owned farms

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featured products

  • medium roast concentrate
  • dark roast concentrate
  • light roast concentrate

compost our coffee grounds

we work with Uban Canopy to ensure that we use every last bit of our grounds. By composting our coffee grounds and upcycling the bags our coffee comes in, we are doing our part to work towards zero waste in our production.

powered by women

although women are heavily involved in all of the hard work that goes into each cup of coffee, they often aren't recognized and paid accordingly.

knowing this, kavnia is women-powered in all aspects of the business and is focused on playing a big part in impacting gender equity in the coffee industry.